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Your New Partnership with OrderYOYO in 2020

The pricing change means that you no longer pay a fixed monthly subscription price as before. As of Monday, 27 April 2020, you now pay exclusively for the orders you receive, and in accordance with your weekly payment, we will also make weekly invoices to make it more transparent.

The weekly invoicing comes into effect on 27 April 2020. The settlement period for April will be from 1-26 April and will be invoiced on Tuesday, 28 April. Weekly invoicing will then begin, as normal, on Monday, 27th April (the first weekly invoice will be issued on Tuesday, 5 May for 27 April-3 May).


The pricing model:

The new pricing model above means that the more money you turn over, the lower the percentage you pay to OrderYOYO. 

If you want to change your contractual relationship or have further questions, our team is ready to answer them.
Call us on +353 (01)5255940