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Step 3
How to succeed online

Make your online storefront visible
• Have Google My Business linked to your official website.

Google My Business is like your digital business card, and it should promote your official website.

• Make sure that you have only one website. You can still be in Food Portals, but you should only have one website!

Don’t let your customers get confused with various online addresses. Make it clear for them which address to use. We can help you deleting any other websites.

• Give a discount for a period of time and boost your orders!

To grow the business sometimes it’s good to give a discount in appreciation to your loyal customers. You can give 20% for just a month or a weekend, and boost your orders

• Rank higher on google by investing in Google Ads.

To make sure the people searching for great food find you, it’s worth investing in Google Ads. It attracts traffic to your official website. Make yourself visible!

• Check the My Business By OrderYOYO app on a daily basis to monitor your online performance.

Monitor your business online via the app. Make this part of your routine. The customers, the business, the website, the apps, it’s all yours!


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