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Cloud POS

Transform your Takeaway

The newest POS technology that will change the way you manage your restaurant.

Safe Data Storage

Secure online storage for your restaurant and your customers in compliance with GDPR.

Daily Finances

Overview of your restaurant's revenue over any time period, keep track of your reports.

Online Orders Integration

Get orders from your own website in the same device as your in-store orders

Smart Delivery System

Assign delivery orders to specific drivers according to their availability and track their progress.

Customer Management Tool

Get an overview of your customer base so you can target them with Marketing campaigns.

Offline Orders Available

Accept orders reliably, even without an internet connection - with our offline solution.

Multiple Accounts

Manage and create multiple user accounts, each with different access levels and permissions.

Caller ID

Know who is calling on your POS. Recognise your loyal customer when they call your restaurant to order.

Multiple Wireless Printers

In addition to the built-in printer, our POS system supports external printers for printing kitchen and customer receipts. This new functionality allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in your operations. Both kitchen and customer receipts can be fully customised to meet your specific needs.

Quick and easy way to manage your business

Manage your business directly from one system. Our all-in-one touchscreen POS software is integrated with other ordering platforms, including online orders from third-party food portals and offline orders over the phone. This saves you both time and money, providing you with an overview of your whole business.

Learn more about your customers

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is integrated with your point-of-sale software so that you can gather valuable insights about your customers. This means that you can create even more effective marketing campaigns, such as giving discounts to your loyal customers.

A POS system you can rely on

Our Cloud point-of-sale system is a modern and versatile solution that empowers your restaurant, streamlines your business and improves day-to-day processes. Multiple solutions. Endless possibilities. The future of takeaway.

A POS solution to fit every business:




Fast Food


Food Truck

Save your business time & money with our Cloud POS

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