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Loyalty Scheme

Increase takeaway sales and turn one-time customers into loyal returning customers that stay away from costly food portals – all without lifting a finger!

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It is around 7 times cheaper to retain a current customer than it is to attract a new one”

Drive more app orders

Instead of losing customers to a food portal, get 5 more extra takeaway orders per loyal customer!

Build relationships that last

Incentivise customers to order and nurture a bigger loyal customer base that keeps coming back to you.

Strengthen your brand

Loyal customers will actively promote your restaurant and spread the word about your loyalty scheme – for free!

1. Quick and easy setup

We will build a ‘loyalty card’ feature within your restaurant’s app and tailor it to your business’s brand. No administration is needed – leave it all to us!

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2. Customers earn loyalty app stamps

Every time a customer places an order through your branded app, they will earn a digital loyalty stamp. They can keep track of their progress within your app.

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3. Customers are encouraged to reorder

We will send out personalised marketing campaigns to remind your customers how many stamps they have left and encourage them to order again.

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4. Customers receive loyalty rewards

When a customer reaches 5 loyalty stamps, they will be rewarded their 6th order for free (based on their average order value across their last 5 orders).

Did you know? A customer orders an average of 3 times a year from the same takeaway. So let’s get them to 6+ orders!

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