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Step 2
Convert your customers!

Spread the word
• Make sure you have window stickers promoting your website.

Anyone walking in your shop can see that you have an online address. And you can just point to the sticker if they ask about your website. Stick it!

• Print flyers and hand them out to all your walk-in customers.

We can help you printing some flyers. Make sure to distribute them to the customers visiting your shop.

• Place a flyer or a business card together with every order from a Food Portal, asking your customers to order via your official website next time.

Show the value to order via your official website instead of Portals. Once you are sending an order via the Portal, make sure to place a flyer hidden in the bag.

• Promote your website on your menu. Print new menus highlighting your official website.

It’s time to print new menus and make sure that you have your official website address on them. Let your customers know where to go next time.

• Make sure that opening hours, delivery setup and payment methods are all correct in your website.

You should visit your online storefront and partner centre / My Business, to make sure that you have the right setup. Try to do this as part of a routine. Own your business!

• Check your default preparation time and avoid order delays.

Try to avoid frustrated customers with delayed orders. Make sure that you have the right preparation time set up in your partner centre.