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Step 1
How to grow your business online

“The more you grow the less you pay per order”
• Write down and memorise your official website address.

This is the address of your store online, and you should know it by heart. Here your customers are able to place orders and also download your mobile app.

• Promote your official website between friends and family. Share the link via Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook, Instagram…

The most effective campaign in the beginning is word of mouth. Let the people close to you know about your online address and ask them to order from there.

• Make sure that you have better offers on your official website than in Food Portals. Value your loyal customers!

You should avoid giving discounts on Portals, but if you do you should also match the offer on your official website. Otherwise your loyal customers will move away from you.

• Tell every walk-in customer about your official website.

Your loyal customers should know that from now you have an official online address.

• Visit your official website and make sure that your food menu is correct and updated!

It’s important that you give attention to your online storefront. Visit every now and then, and check if the menu has the correct items and prices.

• Prioritise preparation of orders placed via your website.

You need to give special treatment to the customers that order via your official website. They are loyal and therefore have a higher value for your business.