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My Business App Explained: Reports

The My Business App by OrderYOYO is designed to give you an overview of your online business.

There are three key areas: Home, Performance, and Reports. All aimed at helping you understand how you’re doing, what you can do to increase your direct orders and how to convert first time customers into happy and loyal returning customers.

Reports: An overview

When the orders are piling in and your kitchen is busy, we know it’s easy to miss the little things that can help you grow your business. The Reports area of the My Business App is designed to make sure you don’t miss out on valuable information

Insights include:

  • How your customers prefer to pay.
  • Your most popular postcodes –
    • Where are your most popular areas?
    • Are you missing out in some areas?
    • Does it make sense to deliver to certain areas?


  • Your most sold items –
    • Do they match your most popular items?
    • Are they your most profitable items?
    • What do you need to do to sell more of something?

The My Business App is your new digital business partner, so keep logging in and make sure your menu is optimised and that you’re charging competitive delivery fees.

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