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My Business App Explained: Performance

The My Business App by OrderYOYO is designed to give you an overview of your online business.

There are three key areas: Home, Performance, and Reports. All aimed at helping you understand how you’re doing, what you can do to increase your direct orders and how to convert first time customers into happy and loyal returning customers.

Performance: An overview

The Performance area of the My Business App is there to help your delivery restaurant reach the next level. We’ve set you personalised goals, and we’ll let you know how you’re doing to help keep you on track.

Insights include:

  • Monthly website targets for acquiring new customers and keeping your current ones happy and loyal.
  • Your customers’ ordering preferences e.g. web vs. app.
  • How many orders your website is generating, and what you can do to increase them.
  • The number of delayed orders.

So what next? Get your team involved, reach all six business goals and you’ll know you’re well on the way to takeaway greatness!

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