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Only satisfied customers come back and become regular customers or recommend your restaurant to others. Of course, delicious food is the most important factor for restaurants and delivery services to keep their customers happy. However, there are also some other important things you should consider if you want to offer the best possible service that will impress your guests.  

In this post, we’ll show you the most important things you can do to optimise your restaurant service!

Important service tips for your restaurant 

“The customer is king” is not just a saying, but an attitude that should be second nature to you and your staff if you want to offer your customers top service. All employees should do their utmost to ensure that guests leave satisfied after their visit. This requires customer-oriented work, friendliness and professionalism. Professional experience in the catering industry can be an advantage here, but even those new to the restaurant business can ensure that your customers feel comfortable and are happy to come back after a great experience!

1: Kindness is the key to success 

Something that is so obvious that it does not even need to be mentioned: a friendly manner is the most important factor when it comes to good service. Even if something doesn’t go well, politeness and a friendly smile can make up for a lot! So please reiterate to your staff that they must never let customers know about their bad moods or differences in the team. 


2: Cleanliness ensures a feel-good atmosphere and creates trust 

Hygiene and cleanliness in the restaurant is another decisive factor when it comes to the satisfaction of your customers. If you don’t already have one, create a hygiene standard for your restaurant and make your staff aware of tidiness and cleanliness. This includes the kitchen, dining rooms and toilets, as well as the hygine of the staff themselves.

In order not to overlook anything, it can also help to put yourself in the customers’ shoes and pretend that you are entering your restaurant for the first time. This will give you a better idea of what might be bothering your customers and help you make the necessary changes.

3: Avoid waiting times 

Fast service is less about the actual speed of service and more about the attention and control your staff have over their service area. Customers who feel ignored because they have been waiting for too long are more likely to not recommend your restaurant to others or to try somewhere else!
Give your customers the feeling that they are seen and that their wishes will be fulfilled as soon as possible. This will also increase the overall satisfaction of your guests.

4: Demonstrate flexibility during stressful situations. 

A good hand in stressful situations can only be learned on the job or compensated for by professional experience.
Therefore, when choosing your staff, you should pay attention to how flexiblyeand skilfully they react in bottlenecks or difficult situations. Good staff should be able to deal with problems on their own and offer guests possible solutions intuitively and quickly.
In general, it is always helpful if your staff know the menu well (preferably by heart) and can thus provide answers to customer questions. In case of doubt, you can of course also consult a colleague.
The main thing is that the customer gets a satisfactory answer in the end.

5: What else you can do? 

Pay attention to quality, this applies to the goods as well as to your staff. Good food and capable staff are the most important pillars of a successful restaurant. If you cut corners, you can’t complain later about a lack of customers.
In the long run, your customers will appreciate the good quality and attentive service and visit your restaurant again and again! 

Digital solutions can make your services even more efficient, organised and therefore more productivewhich also reduces stress for your staff. In the next section, we’ll show you how to use smart software to make your staff and guests happier and improve your service.

How the OrderYOYO shop and POS system can help you to improve service  

Modern shop systems or POS solutions such as those from OrderYOYO can help you to relieve your staff. They have more time to concentrate on the customers and their needs. Digital support also ensures that fewer errors occur with receipts and billing, as all systems run perfectly together and your employees do not have to start calculating themselves in stressful situations.
If you are interested more in how our POS system can improve your business, please fill out the form below and our team will be in touch!