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360º Marketing Explained: Email Marketing

Reach out to your customers and gain their loyalty

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Use Email Marketing to get more orders

With Email Marketing you have access to different email packages all depending on what you want to say and when you want to say it.

We have a catalogue of dynamic email marketing campaigns that we can send directly to your customers reminding them about your food, promoting great offers, opening hours and seasonal happenings.


Boost sales with more orders on your slow days

Get your customers used to ordering directly from your website or app by offering discounts which are exclusively offered in emails. Your customers will feel appreciated and know to order directly from you again.

We send emails to you customers on Mondays, Tuesday and/or Wednesdays with promotional codes offers to boost your slow days. By creating a relationship with your customers, you improve your chances of returning business and ultimately increase your turnover.


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Grow your customer base

Our 360° Marketing provides you with effective tools to grow your customer, generating more orders and succeeding online.