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We proudly present: My Business by OrderYOYO App

Your new digital tool to take full ownership of your online takeaway business and increasing your profits.

For the last few months, the team here at OrderYOYO has been working relentlessly to develop a new way for you to take full control and have a 360° overview of your daily operations - with the bonus of being able to dive into detailed insights on every aspect of your online business.  We wanted to make an accessible tool that is specifically targeted to those who can make the biggest improvements to the local takeaway business: you, the restaurant owners.

My Business by OrderYOYO App is that tool. An easy-to-navigate window into improving your business and tracking performance each step of the way. A new digital business partner, so to speak, that will help you discover your strengths, focus your efforts and improve your turnover.

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We’re proud to say that My Business App by OrderYOYO is finally live. Here’s what we created:

Your New 360° Business Overview

What do you need to know about your business, in order to grow your profits and convert first time purchasers into loyal customers?

  • Your new Home area serves up a real-time overview of total orders and turnover.
  • It provides live updates on all operational aspects, including total revenue, the average order value and orders with delay.
  • You also have the option to set a custom overview, so you can compare progress from week to week, or month to month.

Your Home screen is also your new restaurant assistant and will alert you when operational action is needed. Is your printer on? Have you finished optimising your business on Google?

Reports – Increase Your Turnover.

The devil is in the detail; this goes for your business too. When orders are piling in and your kitchen is busy, sometimes you miss the little things.

Reports will let you know which postcodes are already popular, and which have potential for your business. You will also be able to see your most – and least – sold items, and how your customers prefer to pay. Learn more to earn more.

Performance – Reach Your Goals!

The new Performance screen will push your business to the next level: set a specific goal, track your progress and watch yourself succeed!

Performance provides insights on monthly targets in terms of getting new customers and keeping your current ones hungry and happy. You will also learn whether your customers are predominantly app or website users, and if they are consistently coming back for their favourite meal, or whether you need to entice them with an offer.

Get your team involved, reach all six business goals in My Business and you’ll know you’re well on the way to takeaway greatness!

Download My Business

My Business by OrderYOYO App is what all your hard work looks like in neatly structured numbers and insights. Now, grow your business!

My Business is available for download today for iOS and Android and we are ready on +44 1726 829 508 to help you get started.