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Dreaming and imagining possibilities is at the core of who we are as human beings – developing those possibilities into realisation is the drive that all entrepreneurs possess. Takeaway restaurant owners are local entrepreneurs who have achieved their dreams and passion in becoming an independent business, preparing great food for local communities.

However, the dreams, independence and existence of these local business owners have been challenged in the past decade, as takeaway restaurants have become subcontractors and service providers to larger corporations.

So-called aggregators or market places – such as Food Portals – have dominated the market with intelligent, convenient solutions for food lovers and families. They’ve streamlined the industry, but at the expense of the independent local business owner.

When you buy your favourite takeaway through a Food Portal, you become a customer of a larger corporation, not your local takeaway business owner. Your local takeaway restaurant is simply servicing the Food Portals as a subcontractor of their food, and paying a high price for the pleasure. They’re actually paying to serve their own local customers.

Have you ever wondered why Food Portals are branded inside and out every takeaway storefront? You do not see other retailers advertise Amazon or a similar marketplace on their storefront. Why?

Because they would rather build a relationship with you and have you buy directly from them – and not pay large commissions to the aggregators.

For traditional online takeaways, the times are changing. We are entering a new decade of celebrating Local Takeaway Heroes, using technology to empower Local Takeaway Heroes. OrderYOYO champions ‘Small is the new Big’, a profoundly powerful and genuine idea of mobilising local businesses,  celebrating their independence and spotlighting their passion for preparing great food.

Support your Local Takeaway Hero by asking the simple question, ‘What’s the best way for me to order to help your business grow?’