10 ways to boost takeaway sales in the summer

Summer can be a lot quieter for takeaway restaurants. So to help you increase takeaway orders and revenue during the slower months, we have put together a list of our top 10 summer marketing ideas for takeaway restaurants below.

With the right business recipe, it is easy to heat up those sales!

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Get creative with summer promotions

Attract new customers and increase takeaway orders by adding some sizzling hot summer offers and meal deals to your menu for upcoming events and national days. Is it Burger Day or the UEFA European Football Championship? Make sure your business gets noticed on these key sales dates by creating attractive limited-time discounts!

Unlike third-party food portals, we advertise your takeaway business and promote your seasonal offers to your customers…at the right time, when they are hungry!


Freshen up your summer menu

Create some new and exciting summer-themed limited-edition dishes that customers won’t want to miss out on. It is a great way to stand out from your competition, create a sense of urgency and entice new customers during the summer months.

At OrderYOYO, we give you the flexibility to edit your menu when you need to – making it easy to add or remove an item from your menu.


Shoot photographs of your food alfresco

You eat with your eyes first! So if you are looking to capture attention in a crowded market, it’s important to show off your food in the most visually appealing way. People enjoy dining outside when it’s sunny, so create inviting outdoor dining scenarios using your dishes. It makes it easier for customers to picture themselves with your food!

Top Tip! Save money by using your smartphone to take photos of your food and apply a simple, bright filter.


Promote your refreshing drinks

Thirsty for more revenue? Make sure you have a great selection of refreshing drinks on the menu. When temperatures begin to soar, it helps to increase your average order value by tempting customers into adding more items into their basket. So, promote your drinks on social media when customers are looking for something to quench their thirst!

At OrderYOYO, we help to ensure that your menu is fully optimised for the best results!


Strengthen your online presence

Make it easier for hungry customers to find you online with your own branded website, app and social media pages. Around 500,000 people search online for takeaways every month, so make sure that you don’t drown in the sea of anonymous service providers. Stand out with your brand and your story!

As a Premier Google Partner, we build branded websites and apps with integrated marketing to make sure those customers searching for you…find you!


Encourage customers to order direct

When a customer orders directly through your website, you don’t just earn more revenue than you would with third-party food portals. You also get the opportunity to retarget your customers and remind them to order again! So make sure to tell everyone about your website and soak up those orders!

At OrderYOYO, we target your customers using branded email marketing campaigns and Google Ads, sending them directly to your own website to boost your direct orders.


Make your social media sizzle

Don’t forget to post regularly! Add a splash of colour to your social media posts to make your page look fresh and eye-catching for the summer. People make assumptions about businesses based on their social media, so it’s important to make a memorable and positive impact on potential customers.

Our social media experts can help you get started on Facebook and Instagram. We can also create targeted Facebook Ads to help you reach an even bigger audience in your local area.


Boost awareness with printed materials  

When the sun makes an appearance, your business shouldn’t be hiding in the shade! Stand out with branded flyers and window stickers and make sure your takeaway food is at the forefront of the customer’s mind. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

As part of the start-up package at OrderYOYO, we include flyers and window stickers to get your website and app off to a flying start!


Engage with your customers

The key to success during a seasonal lull is to engage with your customers! Build genuine and meaningful connections. Reply on social media. Ask for feedback and use it to improve your business. Show off positive reviews and build up their trust. The more you engage, the stronger the customer loyalty!

At OrderYOYO, we are on a mission to inspire and empower independent takeaway restaurants to engage with their customer base. Don’t lose your loyal customers to third-party food portals.


Get ahead of the game

Summer is the perfect time to prepare for the busier months. Success in the takeaway and restaurant industry doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to strengthen awareness of your brand and online presence. This makes the quieter months a great opportunity to build your customer base, get creative, and most importantly, get ahead of the competition!

So start investing in your takeaway brand this summer to start seeing results.

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We understand how busy you are, so if you need support with summer marketing and would like to earn more revenue through your own branded online ordering platform, speak to our team to find out how we can help your takeaway business.

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