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Our body needs fluids. We have all heard this a thousand times. You should drink at least 1.5-2 litres a day. If you do sport, you should drink more. To support your health and metabolism, fresh water is especially important. This is also the infused water trend, which is the modern way to drink.

Infused Water-infused with health

Infused literally meansto soak (tea, herbs, etc.) in liquid to extract the flavour″. This very term best describes the drink mixture, which consists primarily of spring or tap water that is refined with fruit, vegetables and herbs.  
This trendy drink is also gaining a foothold in the restaurant sector. Opinions differ on the question of whether the catering industry should really make a profit from water. Nevertheless, sales are growing and so is the supply.  
Many different varieties of the trendy drink now sit on the menu in many cafés and restaurants.  
Infused drinks actually only consist of water varieties.  
In addition to the healthiest drink in the world, you refine the whole thing with fruit and vegetable varieties according to your mood. The mixture is then placed in the refrigerator for some time. The taste of the fruit, herbs and vegetables is transferred to the whole drink.  
The result is a refreshing and healthy drink that is good not only for the body but also for the senses.

How Infused Water supports health

The healthy mixture with tasty and colourful ingredients can be used as a detox remedy as well as to help with metabolic complaints.  
Lemon is a tried and tested household remedy for detox. If you add it to the water mixture and also some mint, you get a simple kind of green cold tea that refreshes and cleanses the body.  
Although it has not been scientifically proven that infused water helps with ailments, there is no harm in adding an apple to the water mixture as a juice mixed with herbs. If you eat an apple, you can also drink it.

Tap water allowed?

Infused drinks can be made with just about anything you have in your fridge. Tap water can also serve as a base. However, you should boil it first and let it cool down.  
Then prepare the desired mixture as usual and put it in the fridge. The fresh taste of the infused drink is no different with tap water than with other types.  
However, the mixture should be kept in the refrigerator for at least one day. Depending on which ingredients are in it, they may spoil. The drink is then no longer edible and healthy.

Healthy or a waste?

No matter what fruit you use for fresh cooling, you can’t consider infused drinks a waste. Why shouldn’t you just eat the lemon, lime or orange slices after the glass is empty?
In fact, you should, because in addition to the liquid, many vitamins also enter the body this way.

What does the infused revolution entail in terms of cost?

From this point of view, an infused drink is more expensive than a bottle of mineral water or the free variant of simply drinking tap water. Looked at another way, we all buy fruit and vegetables.
So if you cook anyway and like to eat fruit, why not make a drink out of it beforehand and eat the fresh ingredients afterwards? However, it is advisable to separate fruits from vegetables if you want to make a nice fruit salad afterwards.

Be careful when buying!

You can let your imagination run wild when it comes to the ingredients of infused drinks. However, it is important to make sure that all ingredients are thoroughly cleaned and washed in clean water before they are put into the glass. If you want a refreshment made from citrus fruits, it is better to use organically grown produce. Conventional fruit and vegetables are sprayed and contain harmful ingredients that are not completely removed by washing alone. So if you want to have the fruit in the drink with the peel, make sure you check the origin of the ingredients.

Are infused drinks also suitable for children?

Sure! As long as you don’t add sugar to the mixture and pay attention to the ingredients you use, an infused drink can be the perfect refreshment for children. The trend with infused water also helps to ensure that children get enough vitamins at an early age. The bright colours also make the infused drinks visually appealing and interesting for the little ones.

What goes together? Tips for preparation.

The taste of the individual ingredients plays a major role in infused drinks.  
Fresh lemons are combined with ginger. The flavours are similar and harmonise easily, even in the glass. Mint can also be added.  
Oranges go well with melons in a water mixture, while with vegetables it is better to stick to one variety. In any case, infused mixtures provide a lot of variety. With the necessary minerals and antioxidants, everyday life can also be managed more easily. So whether at home or on the road, at university or at work, infused drinks belong in every bag with today’s trend!

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