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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Ready to step up your restaurant’s social media marketing? We now live in a world where social media is a must-have marketing tool for businesses. So to ensure customers can easily find your restaurant online, you need to establish a strong social media presence. Get started with our top tips below.


Be consistent with your posts

Consistency is key to building strong social media marketing for your restaurant. So be consistent with your style and branding. Stick to your schedule and post quality content on social media regularly to increase engagement and ensure your posts are seen more often. This will give your brand more authenticity, building trust quicker with your customers. The more engaged you are, the more attentive and loyal your social media followers become.

Did you know? Most social media platforms offer analytics reports, such as when your audience is online. Use these insights to your advantage to find out what time is best to post to reach more people. Experiment with posting at different times of the day to find when works best for you.

Restaurant partners with OrderYOYO enjoy an exclusive range of marketing services, including bespoke social media advertising and management. So if you don’t have time to do your own social media marketing, get in touch with our team.


Tell your story

Don’t just post anything on social media. Find a way to keep your followers interested by captivating your audience and humanizing your brand. Every local restaurant has an origin story. Ask yourself – where did your passion for food begin? How did you start your business? Use it to your advantage and create your own unique branding to set yourself apart from the competition.

Don’t be shy either. Share behind the scene images and stories of your kitchen and staff! Businesses that tell stories tend to build better connections and experiences with their customers.


Take advantage of user-generated content

Reshare user-generated content across your social media platforms. User-generated content is any content related to your brand that is created by your customers. This could be anything from a positive customer review about your takeaway delivery to images and videos of your food.

Look out for users tagging your restaurant’s name or location on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – especially influencers! Collaborating with a powerful influencer who reviews your restaurant online can be a great marketing strategy. User-generated content boosts the credibility and authority of your brand. Transform your words into reality. There’s nothing more persuasive than word of mouth!


Know your customers

Think about who the ideal customers are that you want to target. What are their demographics, such as location, age and gender? What do they like and dislike? How can your restaurant help? Knowing your audience well will help you to identify your customers needs and make your marketing communication efforts more effective. Always listen to your customers to see if their needs and pain points change.

You can also use these valuable insights to create Facebook Adverts that target the right customers at the correct times to direct traffic to your website and help you reach new customers. If you don’t know how to set up Facebook & Instagram Ads, our social media experts at OrderYOYO can help.


Use high quality images

People eat with their eyes first. Using high-quality images of your restaurant and food will make your social media page stand out and appeal to new customers. The human brain is incredible at remembering pictures, especially if they look attractive and authentic.

A digital menu with beautiful imagery skyrockets sales up by 65%, according to a Hubspot report. With the average end-user attention span dropping even more these days, it is increasingly important to provide high-quality visual content that grabs the customer’s attention and makes them want to click on your page and on your website.


Master trends

Stay up to date with the latest trends on social media and be the first to incorporate them into your social media strategy so that you don’t get left behind! Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram constantly release new features to improve the end-user experience. As a restaurant business on social media, you will get more engagement with your social media posts if you quickly adapt and use these new trends. Research shows that reels, videos, live streams and carousel posts usually score higher engagement rates – so it’s worth trying them out!

At OrderYOYO, our marketing team constantly keep a look out for the latest marketing trends to make sure our restaurant partners stay ahead of the competition!


Monitor your performance

Use social media analytics to your advantage! It is essential to measure your social media post’s performance and monitor your analytics to understand what does and doesn’t work on the different platforms. This will give you valuable insights, such as the number of views, shares, and engagement for your social media posts. Use this data to identify what type of content works best for your restaurant and your customers.

Another way to get feedback is to ask your customers directly. Don’t be afraid to engage with your followers and ask what they want to see more of on your social media. It is important to try new things to find out what does and doesn’t work!


Have a plan

Create a content schedule and plan your social media posts well ahead of time if you know they require more effort to create. Tie in your discounts and promotions with popular events and national days of the year. If want you to promote a new menu item, make sure you use a ‘call-to-action’ with a link that directs customers to your restaurant’s online menu.

Make sure you know what you are trying to achieve when posting on social media. If you post on social media without a clear purpose and objective, how will you know if it was successful? Give the customer clear instructions about how you want them to interact with your restaurant’s post. Think about how you can convert a potential customer into an online order from you!

At OrderYOYO, we promote our restaurant partner’s websites on key dates and ensure they are always kept in the loop so they don’t miss the latest national food days and events.


Build excitement

Build a buzz around your upcoming campaigns! Think about how to promote and pre-launch new menu items using social media marketing. Is it a secret until launch day or can you share images of the food in advance? These types of social media campaigns increase awareness of your brand online and drive more traffic to your website. You could even collaborate with a local influencer to reach an even wider audience.


Be creative and have fun!

The most important thing is to make sure you take pleasure from your social media marketing and constantly try new things. Enjoy!

Ready to bring your social media to an entirely new level?

We acknowledge how busy you are! If you need support with social media marketing and would like to earn more revenue with bespoke Social Media Ads, speak to our team. We will find out how we can best help your takeaway business!

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