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Meet the women who are disrupting the Food Industry

We want to empower and champion women in the takeaway industry.

So this International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the incredible achievements and stories of some of our most valued and inspirational restaurant partners.

Renee Daway, Caribbean Flava

Unsure where to start, but inspired by her grandmother and love of cooking, Renee took the plunge to start a business working from her own home back in November 2013. Now 8 years later, Renee has turned her passion into a successful Caribbean cuisine restaurant based in Wellingborough.

Like many other independent restaurant owners, Renee faced challenges throughout lockdown which impacted the business. But she found that having a loyal and consistent team combined with the right digital drivers has helped keep her business alive and thriving.

Caribbean Flava

Branded website & app

To help put their brand at the forefront, OrderYOYO built Caribbean Flava their own personalised website and app.

“Because of Google, they see us online. We are more recognised when people are looking for a Caribbean takeaway.”

Our Google experts used marketing campaigns, such as Google Ads, to make sure that their customers order directly through their website – instead of third-party food portals.

“The digital aspect makes the difference”

With a strong online presence and larger delivery radius, Caribbean Flava have been able to introduce new customers in surrounding areas to the exciting flavours of their restaurant as well!

So what’s next for Caribbean Flava?

Determined to grow further, Renee hopes to extend their delivery radius to reach even more customers with the help of OrderYOYO.

And most exciting of all, there could be a new Caribbean Breakfast on the horizon… So keep a close eye on their website and get your tastebuds ready!

Popular Dishes 😋

Boneless Curry Mutton
Jerk Chicken
Ox Tail

Kelly & Victoria, Joey's Waffle House

Following their dream of working for themselves, two dedicated sisters, Victoria and Kelly, took over Joey’s Waffle House in St Helen Auckland in 2021.

“We did think is this ever going to take off again, but with the reviews that we’ve had it’s been phenomenal the way that it has taken off”

Reopening its doors for takeaway as lockdown restrictions began to ease in the April, they began serving fresh waffles, crêpes and ice cream desserts.

Joey's Waffle House

Driven by a female-dominated team

Both with young families and juggling other jobs, Victoria and Kelly had to learn how to adapt their family life around the shop.

“It is going from strength to strength”

As their popularity rapidly grew, Victoria and Kelly extended their menu to include additional items, such as Burgers, Loaded Fries and Chilli Dogs – which have become just as popular as their key dessert items now!

“The extended delivery area means we now get people within 7 miles of the shop instead of just 3”

To help keep their customers coming back to Joey’s Waffle House, OrderYOYO provided them with branded leaflets, which Victoria and Kelly have been handing out to their customers to let them know that it is better to order directly through their website – instead of third-party food portals.

“Our website has taken off and more people are ordering on there regularly”

So what’s next for Joey’s Waffle House?

With a keen goal to keep growing, we are sure to see Victoria and Kelly expand the shop and open up another branch in the near future. Watch this space!